Common questions and answers

General questions

- Do I need a visa to visit Mongolia?

Foreign nationals who wish to visit Mongolia must obtain visas of appropriate types corresponding to the purpose of their visit. Nationals of those countries which have concluded visa exemption agreements with Mongolia are not required to obtain a visa if the intended period of the visit is not beyond the period allowed under such arrangements. For more information, please see “LIST OF VISA FREE COUNTRIES

- What type of visa should I apply?

Depending on the purpose of a visit, several types of visas are issued.

- Where and how should I apply for Mongolian visa?

If you live in France you may apply for visa at the Embassy of Mongolia in Paris. The address is 34, rue du Château 92100 Boulogne Billancourt. You have to come in person with the required documents to apply for a visa. If you are not able to come in person you may send your documents by Visa Agents.

Visa related questions

- How long does it take to obtain a visa?

It takes 5-7 working days to process the visa.

- When should I apply for my visa and what is the valid date of visa?

The valid date of your visa is 90 days. In other words, you have to use or enter to Mongolia within 90 days after its issued date. Therefore, you should apply for your visa maximum 90 days before your departure, otherwise, your visa will be expired.

- What documents should I provide to apply for a visa?

If you applying for a tourist visa please see the general information. For other types of visas, you need approval/permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Immigration Agency of Mongolia depending on your purpose and duration of stay.

- What do I need to apply for other types of visas including business, study, working and long-stay visas?

If you are planning to apply business, study, working, official visit and other types of visas you should get approval from the relevant authority in Mongolia. Therefore, your inviting entity or person in Mongolia should request permission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs /if planning to stay less than 30 days/ or the Immigration Agency of Mongolia /planning to stay more than 30 days/.

The Embassy issues above mentioned types of visas based on approval from the relevant authorities. Additionally, you should provide the same documents indicated in general information to apply other types of visas.

- How can I check the approval of my visa?

If you applying for a visa other than tourist/transit then you need approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Immigration Agency. You may send us an to ask whether your approval arrived at our Embassy.

- What if I planning to stay more than 30 days in Mongolia?

You may apply for 31-90 days tourist/business visa by getting approval from you inviting entity. The inviting entity should request approval from the Immigration Agency of Mongolia.

- Visa renewals and extensions questions

Visa duration of tourist and non-resident foreign nationals can be extended up to 30 days once in 90 days.

Permitted duration of stay which is indicated in the international agreement on visa exemption shall not be extended. Visa shall be applied prior to his/her travel when intended duration of stay might exceed over above. For further information, you get from the Immigration Agency of Mongolia.

Passport related questions

- What are the requirements for passports?

Your passport must be at least 6 months valid since the date of departure to Mongolia. Also, a minimum of two pages of your passport should be blank.

Transportation related questions

- What if I have only a one-way ticket?

According to obtaining Mongolian visa regulation, you suppose to have a reservation of your return ticket.

- May I travel in my own vehicle?

You may travel to Mongolia with your own vehicle, thereto you have to follow the guideline issued from Mongolian Customs.

Accommodation related questions

- What kind of documents should I provide if I stay at my friend’s apartment?

If you are planning to stay at your friend’s apartment or house you need a letter from your friend that he/she is responsible for your accommodation. Additionally, we need a copy of the passport of the owner of that apartment and a copy of the real state certificate, if renting an apartment a copy of the tenant agreement.

- What if my hotel reservation doesn’t cover the whole period of my trip?

If your accommodation booking doesn’t cover the whole period of your stay in Mongolia, you need to enclose your trip itinerary and approval letter from your tour agency.